How to stop worry….

I have been reading the book How to stop worry and living your life written by Dal Carnegi and I found that it is a very practical book which guide us to make us happy and gay in our hectic schedule.

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Good morning

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Do good who do wrong with you

It’s easy to say that we should do good with those persons also who think bad about us and I personally failed to apply this concept till now. I believe and this is the fact that if some body do wrong with us and in return we pray for them and do not keep animosity then God will keep a gracious hand on our head and we will feel light and happy.

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Today I have read the book written by Preeity Shenoy. Excellent book that i have read till now.Screenshot_2017-06-23-10-56-07.png

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Prayer day 2

Lets pray to God who not only help us in our daily life but also our father who always take care of our needs.

Oh my God please help us to pray and please help us to get rid of all the vices such as lust, anger, envy and haughtiness.

We are so weak that we cannot by ourselve can fight all the vices Oh my god please help us.

We are looking for your help and now only by your grace we could be saved.

Before sleeping this is our last prayer and it is our humble request that please come in our dreams and tell us the right path so that we can not only enlighten our life but also the life of others.

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Why we should Pray daily

It is difficult to follow good things and I always wanted to meditate and pray but just because of the  useless things I waste my precious time.

From today onwards we should take a pledge before God that we would pray before sleep so that God  would help us in getting a magical sleep.

Imagine the morning after that wonderful night. God who is the King of this universe would love us as his son/daughter and then we would actually be able to live a peaceful life.

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Manager told a joke. Everyone in the team laughed except one guy…

Manager asks him – “Didn’t you understand my joke????”

The guy replied – “I resigned yesterday

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