His destination was some 20 miles off. As the day advanced, the sun became hotter and hotter; but he made up his mind to reach the town without halting on the way. So he reached Dharampur about noon. Before he entered the town, he was quite spent, and, as he was profusely perspiring under the scorching sun and felt very thirsty, the cool shade of the dense row of trees outside a garden situated in the suburb of the town, promising rest and refreshment, attracted him; and he sat down unbuttoning his coat and taking off his cap to enjoy the cool breeze. The situation of the garden was very picturesque. As he was resting with his spirits highly exhilarated, some sweet sounds of music came floating softly through the air from inside the garden. The sweet harmony of tunes and twangs giving an assurance of the presence of human lives of refined tastes in activity in the garden ad well as the hope of water, which he badly needed to quench his thirst induced him to walk into it. And he was about to rise, when a man in orange coloured robes came out and said to him. “YOU ARE WANTED IN” He was greately adtonished at this strange, unexpected invitation from those unknown, and what especially bewildered him was his inability to make out how the insiders knew of his presence outside.


About Anoop

Manager, Syndicate Bank
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