No sooner had this awe-inspiring personage cast his sharply penetrating looks on him than a thrill of sensation at once of fear, respect and love combined, ran through his entire physical frame with the quickness of a flash of lightning; and he spontaneously and automatically bowed down and made obeisance. The president, then, ordered one of the assembly to fetch cold water for the stranger to drink, as, he said, he was tbirsty. The music was stopped and all was dead calm. The stranger stood vacant-minded, utterly lost in amazement before the awful presence. Water was brought in a glittering, clean brass tumbler, and he drank it. At the motion of a finger from living super human image before him signifying a command to sit down, he took his seat where he stood. Another look from the presiding figure and another current of electricity passed across him. Was it a fairy land or an enchanted abode of magicians and witches or a sacred habitation of gods and goddess? The personal magnetism of the president was so great that he was completely fascinated by him. The charming influence he exercised over him, though vague and undefinable, was so powerful that he unconsciously began to love him. The grace of a perfect life seemed to have fallen on the august person. His internal spiritual grandeur burst out, as it were, on his external appearance.

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