And a deep yearning to know what is beyond, engrossed his whole attention to the entire exclusion and forgetfulness of anything else. The President asked, ” Does the world satisfy you?” “No sir,” replied the stranger “Not at all.” “Have you any settled ideas about the existence or non existence of the life beyond?” again vibrated the shrill patriarchal voice, “Tell me in detail what your ideas are.” “My ideas are quite unsettled as yet,” replied the new comer, “the vast variety of beliefs and disbeliefs prevailing in the world, have confounded me. I am giving you a brief account of the changes I have undergone in this early age. I am now an agnostic.”

Param Hansji– Yes, then, do speak frankly. This is a Sant Samaj in which all religious cravings of a man must be satisfied. I am a humblest disciple of a sant. I hope, by the grace of my Satguru, you will have all your doubts in religion moreved.

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