Have faith,have patience

How often you feel alone in this world.You donot find any happiness around you. Nobody understands you. You think that there is some aim which you need to achieve but you donot know what is the aim. If you are feeling any of the above you need to follow a simple procedure:-
1) Sit in a comfortable position on a chair or on a mat.
2) Close your eyes.
3) Just conceptualize that God is before you. Do following prayer;
Oh my God please help me Iam helpless person. I got entangled in this world. Please God tell me what is my aim in this world. Why you have sent me in this world.
4) Do this prayer daily before sleeping until your prayer is answered.
5) Have faith and patience that your prayers would be heard.

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5 Responses to Have faith,have patience

  1. Thanks for the suggestions, in this world filled with friction and turmoil so many look for guidance, I am blessed that I found it when I was desperately looking for it, a few years back, that is why I think people like you do the world a favour by guiding others.


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