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Child Dilemma

You may think why i have choose this title but certainly at the end of the blog you would come to know about the reason behind it. From childhood one question always lurking in our mind is why we have taken birth in this world, from where we have come. from where we have emanated and where we would go in the end. The life is just like a story where from childhood to oldage we just engage ourselves in one or other activity. We know that after becoming old we have to die but we are so engulfed in our routine activities that we tend to forget that all the things good bad are going to be vanished in the end.

But the problem comes when a child is thinking about all these things and he is in a dilemma that whether it should act only in that way whatever others are doing or just because it knows that whatever all other persons are doing will ultimately give sorrow or grief, refrain from doing those acts.

one main problem is that he is so innocent that he doesn’t know what is good and what is bad, but he knows that good actions give good results and bad actions give bad results.

Who have answers to this child questions?

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What is life all about?

Morning to evening we are engaged in so many things but at the end of the day we found that all the things have become a dream.

From the childhood to becoming adult and ultimately we become old we tend to forget that when we think about those things about which we were very serious and lost our sleep were nothing but a dream only and that too had passed.

Time is very precious because once it goes we can’t do anything about it.




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Prudent quotes

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warning :colgate causes cancer

colgate contains flouride which  causes cancer.

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